The primary purpose of a bra is to provide support, additionally, there are several other benefits that women get from various designs and shapes of bras.

Along with that list, there is a balconette bra which is also referred to as a shelf bra. The word balconette means little balcony which describes the shape of this bra. This is a bra that provides lift, shape, and appearance of breasts and suitable especially for women with small or unshaped breasts.

It adds uplift to the breasts and by supporting them from the sides and underneath, it reveals more of the skin and enhances the cleavage. In some countries, this specific bra is also known as the extra revealing type of demi-bra. Several characteristics are associated with a Victoria Secret balconette bra and one of them says that this is a bra that never shows itself even if a woman is wearing a revealing dress or showing cleavage.

There are several benefits for using balconette bra such as adding more cleavage to the breasts. This bra is specifically made to add more cleavage and lift the breasts upward and inward to show more of the skin and shape of breasts.

This is why Victoria Secret balconette bras are mostly used by the women who have small breasts and want to use a push-up bra that shows contains the breasts in a smaller space and thus it seems she has bigger breasts.

Along with the cleavage, when the balconette bra pushes the breasts up with extra support, it adds more size to them. Another big advantage of a Victoria secret balconette bra is that it doesn’t feel that hard on the skin while wearing because the shape is formed with keeping the comfort of the body in mind.


new dream angel balconet bra

Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Push-Up Balconette Bra in Mint Lace

victoria secret balconet bra

Victoria’s Secret Women’s Very Sexy Long Line Balconet Bra Pink/floral

women sexy balconet bra

Victoria’s Secret Women’s Very Sexy Balconet Bra Blue/lace*

victoria secret balconette bra review

Victoria’s Secret Knockout Balconet Add 2 Cup Push Up Bra with Bling


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