Many of our visitors wanted to know if there were any complaints about the Victoria Secret Bra. We decided to have our team research negative feedback on the Victoria Secret Bra and wanted to dedicate a post to our findings.

Victoria Secret Bra Complaints

#1 Victoria Secret Bra Complaint

During our hours of research, we found a complaint that stood out to us. We saw that a few customers were unhappy about this product being called a bra. The reason being is because it seemed more like a short tank top than a bra.

Maybe I missed something but I thought that was the reason why people purchased the Victoria Secret Bra. It offers support without the annoying straps traditional bras come with.

#2 Victoria Secret Bra Sizing Issues

One other issue we came across on a few occasions was that some women who had larger breasts had issues finding the correct size. Their complaints were matched with positive responses telling some of these women that they ordered the wrong size and that it wasn’t the companies fault. This has always been an issue when it comes to purchasing clothes.

If you are unsure of what size would be right for you read the sizing chart on the Victoria Secret Bra website or call their support before you place your order, nothing is worse than buying a product that doesn’t fit you correctly.


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Victoria Secret Bra Complaints
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