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Demi bra is named after the French word “demi”, which means half. Thus, a demi cup bra is literally a type of undergarment where the upper part of the breast is exposed and is also known as a half-cup bra. The cups of this type of bra are used to support and cover the lower part of the breast, typically a bit above the nipple. In addition, the bra is used to increase the cleavage of the breast. Demi bras tend to be more feminine and attractive, and are best worn for dressing up or during evenings.

The Victoria Secret demi bra is, therefore, the perfect choice if you are going to put on low cut necklines since they can go unnoticed and give a lift that provides a lady with a more polished look. The majority of half bras are similar in features that include shoulder straps that are set wide, in order to distribute the weight of the breasts evenly.

There are several half bra styles such as the sheer demi bra and lace demi bra, but all are typically incorporated with an underwire to provide additional support and better lift. The bra band tends to be thicker and is usually boned, serving the same purpose as the push up bra or bustier bra in most cases. However, unlike the push-up design, the demi bra is not incorporated with a removable gel insert or thick padding.

There is a wide variety of colors and fabrics that are used for Victoria Secret lined demi bras, with a huge number of details that include scalloped and lace edgings. The dream angel demi bra can be practical and daring at the same time. It, therefore, became a favorite public attire of performers, dancers, and celebrities since the unlined demi bras give a silhouette that looks better and an enhanced bust line. Also, check the bombshell bra of victoria secret’s.

Victoria Secret Demi Bra Review

Our Customers are fully satisfied with our all types of bra especially Demi Bra. It Didn’t get rough, loose, scruffy after a long term of use.
It’s so relaxed and my partner even loves it on me!” says our Demi Customer, also give it a 5-star rating. “This bra is very comfy. After you wore it become more allegiant and make you feel sexy in it,” says another.

Enjoy it once you have your bra. The “Victoria Secret demi bra” is delightfully feminine and one of the numerous benefits of being a lady.

victoria secret demi bra review

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victoria secret lined demi bra

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Victoria’s Secret T-Shirt Bra Unlined Semi Demi

Dream angel lined demi bra

Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Lined Demi Lace & Mesh Zip Bra


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