Victoria’s Secret offers a wide range of stylish bras and lingerie for women of a variety of sizes. From sports bras to sexy lingerie there are many options that are available throughout the line of Victoria’s Secret clothing, but one of the options that can’t be found throughout the line is the option for new mothers to choose nursing bras that can accommodate breastfeeding an infant.

Victoria’s Secret stores and online marketplace both have no option available for mothers that are nursing and seeking a traditional nursing bra. The high-quality bras available throughout Victoria’s Secret line are available in traditional styles but do not have a cup that can be easily unclasped or removed to accommodate those daytime feedings.

Nursing Bra Available

Mothers that continue to use Victoria’s Secret brand of lingerie while nursing enjoys the style and support that comes from the popular lingerie line, but nursing bras are highly convenient and should be considered, or at least tried for mothers that are nursing.

Nursing bras are an important part of preparing for breastfeeding. Mothers likely will not want to fumble with a traditional bra while trying to feed a hungry infant and therefore find that nursing bras are the best choice. Continuing to use the bras from Victoria’s Secret while nursing might provide the support, but can lack the comfort of accommodating the changing breast size throughout the day and the nursing schedule.

In addition, wearing traditional Victoria Secret nursing bras while breastfeeding can cause the nursing mother to wear out the bra faster, degrading the quality of the style and causing the bra to have to be replaced sooner – as the bra is constantly being pulled at, upwards, downwards and placing strain on the under-wire of the bra while nursing.

Though there are currently no options available for nursing bras throughout the line of Victoria’s Secret lingerie, there is indeed a demand for the nursing bras from breastfeeding mothers throughout the globe. With the high demand, many new moms and experienced breastfeeding mothers are hoping that a design will be replaced in the future and a nursing bra from Victoria’s Secret will be available.


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