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The Victoria Secret bra size calculator has been designed to help you find out what bra size you are so you can find a bra that fits you correctly.

Many women have been wearing the same bra size for years, having stuck with a size worn when younger, or guessed the next size up or down if the bra got too big or too tight. Yet your body will change so often in your life that you need to check you are wearing the right size bra by getting measured and fitted for a bra every 3 – 6 months.                                   

How To Measure Bra Size?

Were you aware that over 80% of women currently do not know how to measure bra size, and therefore their correct bra size and therefore wear a wrongly fitting bra? It is extremely important to have a bra that is the correct size and that fits perfectly, to ensure that you look your best and that your breasts don’t look odd. Having a properly fitting bra will mean you will feel most comfortable at all times, as a loose or tight bra will lead to you having to adjust your bra constantly throughout your day.

The big issue with many of the guides on the internet is that they instruct you to measure while you have your bra on. This method is not the best and we highly recommend you don’t use it. Why? Because you could have a bra that is too small or too large on without realizing, which would end up with you getting inaccurate measurements. The most effective way to go about measuring your bra size is without wearing a bra, however, if your breasts are very large then use a bra that has the least restrictive cups you can find.

How To Measure Bra Size Steps

  1. Use a soft tape measure, and certainly not a hard metal one as it will be hard to wrap around your chest. The first measurement is around your chest just under your bust, where the lower end of your bra should sit. Try and aim to not let the tape measure slip around your back as this will result in the measurements being larger than what they are. Please note: The tape should be at the same level all around your chest at all times, as close to a straight line as you can achieve.
  2. Continue to take this measurement (in inches), and if the measurement is even, add on 4, and if it’s odd, add on 5. The number you are left with is the size of the group you are in. It is a good idea to repeat this a few times and make an average to get the most reliable results possible.
  3. You then need to go on and take another measurement around the bigger part of your chest and be sure not to press down too hard, unless you wish to have a tightly fitting bra. The measurement that you will end up with (in inches) is the size of your bust.

Seems easy now “how to measure bra size?”. Now that you have done that, you will need to find your cup size. This is done by taking away your band size from your bust size (subtracting).  If they are both the same numbers, then you will be an A cup. However, your bust size could be, for example, one inch bigger than your band size, and in this case, you would be a B cup, and say if it was two inches larger then you would be a C cup. This pattern continues throughout the whole of the alphabet, however not exactly in a linear way, because of the existence of cup sizes such as DD.

You will find that shops sell bras by band size and their cup size, for example, 34B, 36C.

An Example

Say you go ahead and measure around your back and then end up with a measurement of thirty inches. Since this number is even, you would go ahead an add four inches to the measurement which would mean you would end up with a size 34. Simple. You then would go on and take a measurement around your bust and then get a measurement of 36 inches. This means that your bust size is 2 inches larger than your group size, which means that you are a C cup. This means that overall you are 36C.

You will find that this process is more accurate than calculating from Victoria Secret bra size Calculator.

how to measure bra size

How Will I Know If My Bra Will Fit?

This method of finding out your bra size is authentic and will result in you having your correct size if you follow all the steps properly, however it does not mean that a bra purchased from a shop will fit correctly. Not all bras are manufactured the same way, following the same sizes, just like shoes, clothes, and whatnot, so its best to try on the bra in the shop and try similar sizes on as well until you find a perfect fit.

After you have washed your bra a few times the band in the bra can lose its elasticity, however, most bras have the option of one or more clips so you can tighten the strap as it loosens. If it becomes too loose that tightening the strap doesn’t help then you will need to buy a new bra.

If by any chance the bra rides on your back, then it is too large for you and you must use a tighter set of hooks, or if it is extremely large and tightening the strap doesn’t help then buy a smaller sizes bra. On the other hand, if your breasts bulge out the top, the sides or the bottom of the bra then it is too small for you, and if the cups wrinkle and seem to be loose then it is too large. When wearing the bra your breasts should be firm in the cups, not too tight and not too loose.

You should now know how to measure bra size and if this has been helpful, feel free to share this website with your friends or family that could benefit from learning the correct way of measuring your bra size.


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