Women do worry about breast size as much as men do worry about penis size. Some women feel ashamed and frustrated thinking their breast size is too smaller or too bigger than average sized breasts. Such women think that women who wear average bra sizes are the luckiest.

What is actually the average bra size of women? Is my bra size bigger or smaller than the average bra size? These are common questions that arise among women. Especially among teenage girls. If you want to check your cup size you can refer to the bra size chart. The answers to these questions are not simple because different surveys have come up with different conclusions on average bra sizes. But according to most of the surveys average bra sizes are as follows. Keep in mind that the average bra sizes of different countries are significantly different from each other.

Average Bra Size of United States

The most notable trend is that the average bra size of American women was steadily climbing upwards over the past two decades. It has grown from 34B in 20 years ago to 34DD in 2015. This growth is significantly higher than the other western countries.

The average bra size of women is increasing fast, but why? According to an article by the Huffington Post on a survey carried out by the bra retailer Intimacy, the main reasons for this dramatic increase of bra size are the weight gain of population and breast implants. Another important factor is that women are now more educated about bra fitting and capable of selecting the correct bra size. Women who misunderstood their bra cup size as C have now figured out their actual bra size is DD. Some scientists say this is caused by the change in food patterns while some others suggest that this is caused by industrial pollutants.

Average Bra Size of United Kingdom

According to a national survey average bra size of women in the UK was also gotten bigger over the past few years. It has grown from 36C a few years ago to 36DD in 2015. According to the survey, women living in the North West of England have the biggest breasts and those who are in the North East of England have the smallest breasts.

A survey was carried out by the bra maker Triumph International in the year 2007 on the usage of bra cup sizes of some selected European countries. The results show the percentage of women that wear bra cup sizes A, B, C, and D.

Victoria Secret Average bra size

The average bra size varies largely in different regions of the word. As an example, the average bra sizes of America, Britain, and Russia are among the biggest while the average bra sizes of China, Japan, and Italy are among the smallest.


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